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Massage & Vibrational Healing

bowl 1To relax the muscles, large heated sacred rocks from Manitoulin Island are wrapped in a towel and placed on your clothed back.  This produces a deeper massage. Your back, neck, arms, hands, hips, legs and feet are massaged.  Your only job is to let go and enjoy!  
During the massage Tibetan singing bowls are played to help induce a greater relaxation and to help balance the body. A Tibetan singing bowl may be placed on your back and played.  The vibrations of the bowl will connect with your Alpha, Theta and Beta brain waves providing a calming effect on the brain.​The vibrations gently touch the blood, tissues, cellular memory and water of the body creating a perfect state to release blocked energy.  After the session you will feel relaxed and calm. 
If you choose to use Colour during your session, you will select Colour Mirrors bottles at the beginning of the session, which will be placed on your body for the last ten minutes.
Cost:  $85 per one hour session             With Colour Healing $100