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Colour Mirrors

bottles2smallColour Mirrors is an energized system that uses dual Coloured bottles of oil and water and essence sprays to mirror back to you the full potential that you hold.  This system helps us to identify, analyse and transform areas of our lives where we feel blocked and stuck, that are often too difficult to recognize.  We connect to Colour on a deep level and when we use this system, we are able to release blocks, accelerate our growth, enhance relationships and unlock our potenial and gifts. 
Colour Mirrors bottles and Colour combinations have their own meanings.  In a reading, you will choose from a selection of  dual Coloured bottles and sprays.  We will explore your bottle choices and delve into the meaning of your Colour choices as they pertain to you.  

Colour Mirrors reading sessions can be combined with Vibrational Healing and Numerology.  
The Colour Mirrors Oil bottles are made from essential oils and vegetable food Colouring.  It is recommended to use the oils for bathing.  The information that is held in the bottles can enter the body and help the body feel safe while changes are being made.  The Colour Mirrors Oils and Essence sprays are available for purchase.  ​

Triple C - 30 minute live video Colour Clarity Call              C$40
Mentoring 1.5 hours $100 per  (Video or in Person)          C$100
Mentoring with healing 1.5 hours (in Person only)            C$120